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Empericus Flyff |International|

Empericus Flyff |International|

Empericus Flyff |International|
MMORPG - Flyff

GamePlay : PvP

Position 268

Clic Sortant : 6

Mid Rates Balance Server!
English/French Server
Exp: x2000
Penya: x500
Drop: x500
The Empericus Flyff Server does not offer fancy custom Fashions,Weapons Ridiculous Stats, Overpowered Donation items. Instead Empericus focuses heavily on game balance, fairness, stability and features.
Every 30 minutes Siege! [ALOT OF PVP MINI-GAMES] [ACTIVE COMMUNITY] [MOST FASHION NPC] [MOST PETS, CS, SCROLLS, at npc] [Rebirth x5] [Max lvl 200] [Fashion Hide][Colosseum][Arena Scoreboard][Fashion Combine][Awake Everything][Glow Changer][Model Change][Quick Teleport][95%+ of Useful Items Instores/Giant Monsters][/itemlist] Donate Weapons can get in game! Join now

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