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Eternal Aion 5.6 NA [Summer 2017]

Eternal Aion 5.6 NA [Summer 2017]

Eternal Aion 5.6 NA [Summer 2017]

GamePlay : Blizzlike

Position 4

Clic Sortant : 96

Hello and welcome to EA 5.6,

In our server you will experience a very interesting gameplay!

You just need to play and invite your friends too!!
Well enough talking, we will meet inside the game anyways ;)

This an international server as long as ur ping is good, u be fine :)

Here's some of the many cool things we have: XP from quests are buffed & drop from mobs buffed.

Edited drops from instances to help u gear up easily!
(boxes, tempering solution...)

Omega Stone are easy to get!!!
Easy to farm kinah.
Great GP and AP system.

Stigmas drops at any instance boss (stigma lvl depand on the boss lvl).
Points Tolls can be farmed in Idian Depth

Luna Shop is ready !!!
Included: Minion, Monster Book, Essence Cores...

Events to help u have rare stuff of ur choice!!!
(some items for events can be bought with a very fair price of tolls)

Opening a box will give u the choice of what to pick inside!!!

You can skin and edit color of ur gear as much as u want (1kk kinah for dye//10 blood mark for skin)

And so much MORE !!!

When u dont understand something let us know :)
Also report any bug u find in the bug section :D

Aion 5.6 will be out in Summer 2017 and the instances are programmed and ready to be played.

Enjoy :)

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