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L2Sacage x100

L2Sacage x100

L2Sacage x100
MMORPG - Lineage II

GamePlay : PvP

Position 182

Clic Sortant : 5

Server : Hive Five
-----------------------[Rates & Enchant]-----------------------
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +12
Blessed Scroll chance: 70%
Blessed Scroll chance: 80%
Elemental Max. Level: 7
Elemental Stone chance: 100%
Elemental Crystal chance: 100%
Server, Forum :
English/Francais language support in-game and website.
FaceBook :
Buffs, Dances and Songs Duration is 1 hours.
Max Buffs/Dances: 24+4 buffs/12 dances.
.enter for enter zone Autoflag
Working Fortress, Clan Hall and Castle Sieges.
Balanced Classes.
Instance start lvl : 40 Full grade C
Sub-Class Max. Level: 85.
Sub-Class No Quest.
Auto Learn Skills.
Weekly Olympiad, Max. Enchant: Unlimited (+6).
Weekly Siege and Territory Wars. 4/10 time 22:00 Pm
Vote System Reward.

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