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MMORPG - Lineage II

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- All classes have been reworked by scratch , all the skills are working the way they should work to fit in with the rest stuff. Also all core-needed support & the undone skills have been fixed as well. L2WarGate has many custom items to offer such as Custom Armors, new Heroic Weapons, new PvP Weapons , new Siegeable Cloaks new Class Skills. All the custom stuff such as cloaks, new pvp weaps etc have got stats. Also 120 + customized accessories with balanced stats, all having unique properties to customize your character any way you want, although some are more difficult to obtain.

- Community Board's Informations that has the following options: Server Infos , Server Announcements , Change Log , Free Change Password , Repair Character (crushes, crit. errors etc.) , Richest Players, All the players and their respective levels, clans, Top 20 PvP characters, Castle Lords, Current Olympiad heroes.(Autoupdating everytime you make a restart if there's any change).

- Exp Rates x1000 b

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