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Last Chaos Coalition

Last Chaos Coalition

Last Chaos Coalition
MMORPG - Last Chaos

GamePlay : Fun

Position 11

Clic Sortant : 255

-New level cap : 200
-News Quest
-News Armor and Weapons
-News LacaBall
-Fix animation of NightShadow
-Fix exp p1
-Fix exp p2
-fix skills p2
-fix shirt summer mage
-fix skill Windy Step
-fix exp 190-200
-add C2 Weddings
Last Chaos ONLINE

11/10/2014 to 12/10/2014
Event x2 Online cash
20 cash every 5 minuts.
Exp : 100
Gold : 70
Sp :Free
Start lvl :90
Max lvl : 200
Affinity 65.

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