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Last Chaos Regnum

Last Chaos Regnum

Last Chaos Regnum
MMORPG - Last Chaos

GamePlay : Role Play Souple

Position 25

Clic Sortant : 116

Server Description Priver Last Chaos Regnum:

Experience : x120
SP : x[FREE]
Gold : x120
Drops : x50
Upgrade : 100%
Max level : 220
Dungeon Time : 400% 24/24
Online cash5 minutes / 10 cash
Online cash week5 minutes / 15 cash
Staff Actif

If you are here, there is a reason so do not wait any longer!
We have plenty of things to offer, NPCs, Pets, Weapons, and Customized Armor.
But also Quetes or even Zones d'exp and the Monsters that are there !!
All this with clean rates at our server.

We also have numerous and varied events.
Staff very present and always ready to help you in case of need.
You only have one thing left to do ... Join us! - Create an account - Then download the game

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