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Forbidden-WoW 255 Haste

Forbidden-WoW 255 Haste

Forbidden-WoW 255 Haste

GamePlay : Fun

Position 149

Clic Sortant : 118

Forbidden-WoW is a server that offers you to discover a mix between Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.

-1v1 Arena is Active.
-PvE with 3 Difficulty Normal, Nightmare and Hell With interface ingame
-Blood Shard System With interface ingame
-Paragon System with 16 stats (4 page)
-Buffs Npc
-14 Instances
-Custom Scripted Creature
-Custom Gems
-Up to 100M Life in Normal 500M Life in Nightmare & More to come in Hell
-HD Textures/Creatures and custom display for druid forms.
-Custom Spells
-Leveling zone 1-255 Horde & Alliance Side
-Teleporter Custom with progression.
-Custom World Boss System .Wb to see if they are alive.

¤More Informations¤
-Custom Wings Diablo 3 Like
-Vip 1 to 6

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