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MMORPG - Lineage II

GamePlay : PvP

Position 81

Clic Sortant : 702

A completely refreshing experience in the Lineage 2 world.

Gameplay tailored to focus on fun, balanced PvP, with hundreds of custom features and unique modes.

Killstreaks, PvP4XP, DoubleXP Weekends, AiO Buffers, Custom Zones, Custom Raidbosses/MiniBosses.

Experience Lineage 2 as never before!

Team Vs. Team Event
Capture the Flag Event
Raid Event
Town War Event
Death Match Event
Team Vs. Team Round Event
Zaken Event
Zombies Event
Minor Events
PKHunting Event
PKLower Event
Russian Fight Event

Random Events
-Random 1vs1 Event
-Global Battle Event
-Quiz Event
-Russian roulette Event

Compete against your fellow players to gain XP, Gold and more! Grow powerful by enjoyed the best part of L2. PvP!

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