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Lykan FlyFF

Lykan FlyFF

Lykan FlyFF
MMORPG - Flyff

GamePlay : Fun

Position 4

Clic Sortant : 101

Lykan FlyFF is an upcoming nostalgic oldschool project which heavily focuses on the contentment of its community. Boasting staff with over 15 years of combined gaming experience, Lykan FlyFF constantly innovates to tackle FlyFF where its the weakest. By providing quality, attentive community and development services, Lykan FlyFF aims to create a classic experience for FlyFF. Lykan offers no ridiculous stats, overpowered donation items or lackluster patches. Instead, we provide a constant stream of content which continues to grow at a steady, enjoyable pace. This FlyFF project was massively inspired by Fly for Fame, Monster FlyFF and Equinox FlyFF. If you are looking for a stable, balanced and professionally managed server wich offers you vanilla gameplay while maintaining its security, then this is the place to be! Created by players for the players!

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