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Rappelz classic

Rappelz classic

Rappelz classic
MMORPG - Rappelz

GamePlay : PvP

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Clic Sortant : 1058

Heya, guys! Glad to see you there!
I want to invite all of you to our server "Classic"
Why us?

— Full 9.5 epic with all new dungeons and stuffs
— We have 3 servers: 9.5 x200; 9.5 x1; 6.1 x5
— Angel NPC with every-hour gifts and buffs for online
— VI Temples are locations for farming with lagre mob spawn count
— Guild buffs for dungeon owning
— Reworked altar
— Cleared drop. You will never get trash like potions, power, etc. from mobs
— Ruppee auction. You can legal buy donate points for game currency. By the way, donate does not change your char into a god.
— Event boss spawn near Horizon city
— Master Class w/o quest. Just come to Hector. Also full 9 TP.
— Responsive international Administration and community.
— Multiple game launch. Just open the launcher 2 or 3 times and you will open same game windows count. Good bye, sandboxie!
— Anti-cheat system. You will NEVER see speedhack on our server. We promise.

Our website:
Our discord channel:

Welcome, dear friend!

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